This Page provides some facts about Colorado Farms and the hogs within Colorado as of December 1 , 2011.
Please visit the NASS for Colorado website for information.
Provided below are facts from the NASS for Colorado website :
Colorado Agriculture Rank Among States (as of 2012): 
  •  Number 15 in all hogs and pigs.
  •  Number 15 in market hogs and pigs.
  •  Number 13 in breeding hogs and pigs
  •  Number 12 in pig crop

 Number of farms  36,700
 Land in farms (in acres)  31,300,000
 Average farm size (in acres)  853
Livestock Hogs and Pigs Inventory By Class (as of December 1st, 2012)

 Hogs and Pigs total inventory  720,000
 Breeding 145,000
 Sows farrowed annually  275,000
 Pig Crop Annually 2,708,000
Fact Sheet for Specific Totals for Hogs and Pigs for Colorado

 Total Market / head (2012)  575,000
 Total Inventory in Dollars  78,100,000
 Total Inventory for 2012/head  720,000