The 2023 Sensational Sausage Culinary Competition

Colorado Pork Producers Council in partnership with the country’s premiere culinary school, the Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, proudly present the winners of the 2023 Sensational Sausage Culinary Competition:

First Place – Gregory Symins with a Hatch Green Chili and Pineapple Sausage

Second Place – Kathaleen Jennings-Everly with a Balsamic Blueberry Stuffed Pork Sausage

Third Place – Lauretta Chyrs with a Hot Honey Sausage with Toasted Pine Nuts and Thyme

The competition was open to all active Escoffier students across the country in October and November of 2023. Contestants had the opportunity to compete virtually by submitting a personal one-of-a-kind pork sausage recipe. The top 3 winners above receive a cash prize and the first-place winner, Chef Gregory Symins, will have his winning recipe featured at Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs in Denver.