INFORM – National Pork Board Unveils Ground Breaking Research on Dinner at Home in America


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National Pork Board Unveils Ground Breaking Research on Dinner at Home in America



The food industry is entering into a period of change unlike anything it has experienced previously. A recent article by Wall Street investment analysts regarding uncertainty in food companies in 2019, put it like this:

“Food companies are like big glaciers that are subject to global warming trends; every year they seem to get a little smaller. You can’t see it in a short time frame, but over the long-term you see them wearing down and becoming less relevant.”

Unfortunately, it is not just one thing shrinking our glacier. Consumers are moving away from big-name labels and companies, and are increasingly comfortable with smaller, locally produced or private labels. They want to eat healthier, so they have an ongoing need to know what is in their food and how it was produced.

In short, the consumer is changing, and our industry needs to be positioned to adapt and respond to those changes.

The National Pork Board Domestic Marketing team has been on a journey since 2016 to explore and define a new way forward for pork as a food, and to position ourselves as strategic, data-driven consultants to you, our channel stakeholders, with the goal of turning insights into action that allows the industry to innovate to meet consumer needs more effectively.

Understanding people and their needs begins with listening to them and observing their behaviors. We listened to consumers talk about pork and other foods in focus groups. We read what they posted on their social media. We analyzed Google searches. We reviewed their receipts to see what and how often they purchased. Finally, we surveyed 10,000 of them to gain a better understanding of why they make the meal choices they do.

Never before has a commodity group generated this level of data on consumer needs, behaviors and preferences. With today’s release of our Dinner at Home in America report, we’ve turned that data into actionable insights around nine different meal occasions our research identified. One of these nine occasions is happening in every home across the country on any given night, and the meal choices are driven by the needs of the household at that moment. How many people am I feeding? How much time do I have? Is tonight’s dinner going to be healthy, or satisfy a craving? The next night, the questions will be the same, but the answers may be entirely different.

The full report is available to you now at During the next two and a half months, the National Pork Board’s Insight to Action will provide a weekly deeper dive on each of these occasions.