The University of Missouri’s Commercial Agriculture  Program is an important asset to the pork industry. Below you will find links to  their main webpage, as well as to specific information.


Commercial Agriculture Program Main Webpage

Swine  Focus Team The main page for the Commercial Agriculture Program’s Swine Focus Team. This  page includes links to topics on Swine Economics, Environmental/Manure, Swine  Health, and Swine Feeding/Nutrition.

Missouri Swine  Resource Guide NEW!! Provides resources on: Breeding & Genetics; Manure management; Environment;  Landscaping; Pork Information Gateway; Contract Production; Health & Diseases;  Nutrition & By-Products; Economics; and much more!

Shelterbelt Implementation Site NEW!! This tool provides helpful information to design, implement and maintain a  shelterbelt for an animal feeding operation and outlines cost-share  opportunities to help fund shelterbelt implementation.

Swine Focus Team Members

Permitting Animal Feeding Operations Visit this page for instructions to guide you through the regulatory process and  other environmental considerations for starting or expanding a livestock  operation in the state of Missouri.

County Health Ordinance Information Visit this page for information on local governments that have imposed  additional requirements and fees on animal feeding operations beyond what is  required in regulations by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Toolbox for Contract Hog Finishing

Agricultural  Electronic Bulletin Board