The national checkoff began in 1986 with a rate of 0.25% (25 cents per $100) that was increased to 0.35% in 1991, and to 0.45% in 1995. As of 2017, the checkoff rate was 0.40% — 40 cents for every $100 at market rate — of the value of all pork products manufactured in the United States or imported into the country.
About Pork Checkoff and Colorado Pork Production:
Today’s pork checkoff is at work for pork producers. U.S. pork producers and importers pay $0.40 per $100 of value when pigs are sold and when pigs or pork products are brought into the United States. Payment of Checkoff is mandatory and required by law. Organic producers may obtain exception, approved yearly and is only allowed for those marketing under the 100% Organic label via USDA. Checkoff funds programs and activities in promotion, research and consumer information both nationally and in Colorado.
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