A Champion’s Guide to Youth Swine Exhibition: Biosecurity and your Pig Project


A fact sheet stressing the importance of available water to swine and discussing the signs of dehydration

Food Safety:

All producers are responsible for supplying a safe and wholesome product. This fact sheet discusses four main areas on a farm where producers can help to assure food safety in the products they sell

Meat Quality:

A guide for youth to better understand factors that can affect pork quality

Comparing The Commercial Swine Industry & The “Show Pig” Industry:

Discussing the importance for commercial swine production and the “show pig” industry to share the same goals of producing a high quality, wholesome product for consumers at an economical price

Ethics in youth Livestock Programs:

A guide for the youth in the livestock industry addressing aspects of caring, respect, trustworthiness, fairness, responsibility, and citizenship

The Porcine Stress Gene:

What the Show Pig Industry Needs to Know

Handling and Management to Prevent Stress in Show Pigs
Clipping Show Pigs
Questions and Responses Regarding Body Clipping and Shaving Pigs
Estrus Detection 

Help youth understand that estrus detection is the most important part of a successful artificial insemination program.

Artificial Insemination

Learn the steps to having a successful artificial insemination program at home.

Semen Management

Understanding the delivery, timing, and storage needs to semen will enable youth to be successful in artificial insemination.